• You Can Learn About Comedians From Documentaries

    A lot of people are interested in stand up comedy. There have been several very famous and popular stand-up comedians over the years, many of whom have had jokes that have ended up as part of everyday conversation for people around the world. A lot of people look at the comedians and think that it's probably a pretty easy job, but the fact is that it isn't all that easy. And for every single famous or popular comedian, there are dozens who haven't hit that level or who have failed.
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  • What You Can Learn From Standup Documentaries

    If you're a budding standup comedian, you should -- if you're not already -- watch more and more documentaries on standup comedy. Not only are they entertaining, but you can learn a lot about how your career might progress and how you can deal with the darker side as you listen to comedians describe what they went through. How to Get Through the Rough Times When you're a standup comedian, you face low pay, hecklers, being bumped from a lineup, not getting gigs, and more depressing events.
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