3 Things You May Not Know About Video Editing

Posted on: 22 November 2017

Video editing is an art as much as it is a science. Yes, it's a technical part of the post-production process of creating a video, but it also requires a lot of artistic talent. A professional video editor needs to be able to work closely with a director, producers, and other industry professionals. You may think you know the basics of post-production editing, but consider these things you may not know about video editing.

Editing Can Make or Break a Performance

Professional actors know the importance of having a good editor assigned to a project. Although most cinema lovers may not realize all the editing that goes into crafting an acting performance on the big screen, it will be obvious that something is off if an editor is not invested in the storytelling within the project and the contributions of the performers.

Before hiring an editor, you may discuss the story you want to tell with the video. Talking about the importance of storytelling can help you both discern whether you are on the same page with a video project.

Experience Matters for Important Projects

There is no substitute for experience when you need professional edits on your project. Anyone can read the detailed instructions that accompany editing software, but nothing will take the place of extensive experience with that software.

Aspiring editors who new to editing will struggle to complete basic tasks to get the desired effects, and it will be impossible for them to feel comfortable enough with it to express themselves creatively at the same time. Sure, you can enlist the services of a student editor without paying as much money, but you may sacrifice the quality your project in the process.

Pacing and Rhythm Are Key Parts of Editing

Professional editors are likely to know their strengths and limitations. More importantly, they will know the importance of rhythm when it comes to a project. They need to understand the pacing of the video and how to seamlessly use editing to keep the rhythm of a video on track.

Once the pacing is understood and honored, the editor is better able to focus on the many other complex things that go into video editing. Many things will change depending on the pacing.

Finally, keep in mind that video editing is an important part of the ultimate success of your video. It can make a project great or take away the power of a piece. Without polished editing, an otherwise professional film, TV show, commercial, music video, or other video project may end up looking amateurish. Don't risk it. Enlist the service of professional editors every time. 


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